Sword of Moonlight in 2014

by dmpdesign January 25, 2014

SoM.com is now celebrating its 7th year being online, and I am happy to say the outlook for this year is very promising. Not only will From Software be releasing its much anticipated latest masterpiece including the legendary sword, Dark Souls 2, but the community members are busy cooking up their own epic adventures still using the SoM toolset. We have promises from Verdite that his long awaited full length rpg, Rathmor, is nearing a release date later this year, and from the sneak peeks posted on the forums, it is shaping up to be the most epic game made with the toolset to date!

Another project well on its way is the remake of a less well known gem created by the folks at From Software, Shadow Tower. A group effort of custom models, 1 to 1 perfect map duplication, and just the right amount of dark atmosphere will surely make this an update that will outshine the original.

Tune in on the forums to watch the progress of these and other continuing projects honoring the legendary tales of moonlight.

Categories: Development