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Complete Games

Heir of Granatyki ©2016 – Master Taffer

Heir of Granatyki is the latest King’s Field fan game created by MasterTaffer using the Sword of Moonlight King’s Field Making Tool, that takes place before the events of the first King’s Field. Like all King’s Field games, its gameplay centers around exploration, methodical combat, and light puzzle solving. The game is made up of only two maps, but these maps are massive in scope and highly detailed.

After the death of the great “Wind King”, King Harvine, the northern continent split into three countries: Granatyki, Verdite, and Egret. After a mysterious darkness eclipses the country of Granatyki, the king of Verdite sends a detachment of knights to investigate. You play as the renowned commander of the Verdite guard, Hauser Forester, who is tasked with leading the expedition into Granatyki.

Read more and download the full game here!

Return to Melanat ©2014 – Master Taffer

Return to Melanat is a King’s Field fan-game that attempts to recreate the environments of King’s Field 2 in a whole new light, and while delivering an entirely new story. Like all King’s Field games, its gameplay centers around exploration, methodical combat, and light puzzle solving. All seven areas of Melanat are recreated to scale using nothing but the SOM toolset and very few custom resources.

This game takes place about twenty years after the events of King’s Field 3. Light has been granted to the world and peace reigned for a while, however, a mysterious darkness has emerged on the Island of Melanat. Fearing the worst, the king led a detachment of knights to the island in an attempt to contain the spreading darkness, but they have not been heard from since. You play as a young prince who journeys to Melanat in search of his missing father, the king. From there, it is up to the player to explore the island and reveal its hidden secrets. Download it today and see for yourself!

Fall of Verdite ©2013 – Master Taffer

What really happened within the walls of Verdite castle when the holy king Jean Alfred was overtaken by the dark power of Seath? For the first time, find out the full story that befell Alexander Thornton Reginis as he braved the halls of the bewitched castle to seal the king’s evil power and rescue the remaining residents still trapped inside. The Fall of Verdite will make you reminisce the grand halls of the castle, remastered completely in a pixel perfect recreation of the 3 main floors of the keep.

The Fall of Verdite brings back great memories of King’s Field 3 and offers fans a new adventure and glimpse into the remarkable lore and history that is the world of King’s Field. Download it today and see for yourself!

Trismegistus ©2009 – Thomas Eversole

Perspective is everything…Enter Trismegistus, a world of multiple dimensions boasting one of the most creative adventures ever conceived using the Sword of Moonlight Toolset. Challenge your problem solving skills with 11 complete areas, each magnificently played out in alternate dimensions to complete the powerful Trismegistus artifact and unlock the mysteries turning the world inside out.

Thomas Eversole’s second complete SoM game brings a unique twist to using the game engine, pitting one’s wits against the environment rather than requiring you to test your might in direct combat. Akin to great games like Myst, see if you have what it takes to complete the puzzles, collect the items and find the multiple endings.

Currently the complete game files, maps and enemy guides are available on Tom’s main game site. Download it now!

King’s Field Dark Destiny ©2008 – DMPDesign

Dark Destiny, a prequel to the original King’s Field release in the U.S., follows the journey of the downward spiral of the great warrior Dias Bagil (Necron) as he uncovers the secrets of Melanat Island and unlocks his inner powers of darkness. Explore the island from a new perspective and uncover the history left untold in the original series.

20 unique maps cover the world of Melanat Island, dig deep into the island’s past and discover new areas not seen in the original game. Find the missing links between the forces of evil and the good king Jean Alfred as you uncover the mystery of the dragons who control the island. Arm yourself from a choice of over 125 unique items, 20 spells and secret sword magics as you do battle with over 80 different enemies throughout the island.

Visit the Dark Destiny page to download the full game or most current patch!

Diadem of Maunstraut ©2007 – Thomas Eversole

The first complete Sword of Moonlight game produced in english, authored by veteran toolset master Thomas Eversole, Diadem of Maunstraut is arguably the greatest masterpiece to date of the SoM toolkit. Tom certainly made breaking new ground seem easy, as he has authored several RPG’s and more than once completed a full-length adventure using SoM.

Beginning as a soundtrack dedicated to the King’s Field series, Diadem of Maunstraut grew into the first full length english RPG once John Osborne converted the Sword of Moonlight toolset to english. Boasting 9 expansive maps, 60 enemies, countless spells, weapons and armors – DoM has the recipe for success. Explore the realm of Maunstraut as Zeir Grimholdt, searching for the legendary signs and weapons to aid you in your quest to rid the land of the foul darkness, repair the royal diadem and save the land.

Currently the complete game files, maps and enemy guides are available on Tom’s main game site at Please check it out!

King’s Field 1 ©1994/2001/2010 – From Software

The game that started it all welcomes you back to the royal cemetery where it all began. Originally released as the demo game that came with the Sword of Moonlight software, the game has been updated and translated for english users. Based on the original translation by John David Osborne, the SoM version now boasts a complete engrossing adventure, with better graphics than the original, all in english!

Follow the plight of Jean Alfred Forrester, legendary knight, as he searches the royal graveyard to unravel the mystery of what happened to the missing king of Verdite, his own father who entered the graveyard before him and the dying kingdom. Unravel the secrets of the forest sprites and mystic forest dragon, obtain the power of the Moonlight Sword and defeat the dark wizard.

Visit the King’s Field page to download a complete english version of the SoM game, the original translated Playstation 1 rom and a PSP eboot.

Games In Progress

Moratheia ©2016 – Verdite (Ben Connolly)

For updates on this epic project please visit the forums or the creator’s Facebook page.

Moratheia will take you to the land of Pelmora, a torn land where savage beasts await those who would dare explore its depths, where allies are few and trickery and temptation attempt to knock you off balance…
A story so daring it will take you to some of the strangest and eeriest places imaginable, testing your resolve and commitment at every turn.

Currently the complete game files have been moved from their primary download link until the final version is released.