Site Facelift

by dmpdesign October 27, 2013

Upgraded the main page elements to a new WordPress theme, the old site was just some terribly made html code I hand wrote and looked utterly archaic. It served us well, but won’t be missed:)

Unfortunately my time to spend on all things SoM is limited, so likely I will do a big portion of modding tonight, getting everything mostly functional with working links and hopefully minimal fluff, but getting back to it and putting polish on it will probably be a few weeks out….hopefully everyone understands you have to put the bread on the table before you go off working on your hobbies. For the time being, please forgive the mess.

Another note, none of the old pages are lost, if you still know the direct links they are all happily sitting there with their files and links still intact. I will do my best to get the individual game pages back up asap, as that is important to the members who show off their great SoM work on the site. I will also try to get the old blog updates back up in some sort of chronological order this week, as that should be fairly easy.

If anything stays missing, log into the forums and send me a private message and I will do my best to take care of it.

Thanks fellow SoMers,


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